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Planning Today for the New Tomorrow

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Financial Planning Solutions

Massachusetts / Rhode Island / Florida

In this rapidly changing, fluid economy, financial planning is no longer a tool of the "idle rich," but a necessity for all. Most responsible people today are interested in obtaining a high quality of life supported by financial security, but lack the time and technical knowledge to arrange their retirement planning, insurance, wills, trusts, and business affairs to fully achieve maximum flexibility with minimum taxation. 

Steven Hyland, CLU is well-qualified to coordinate the various aspects of these complex problems and can help you focus your financial objectives and prepare a program tailored to meet your specific requirements. He has various corporate affiliations and offers a complete staff of backup personnel to design a plan to meet any situation, regardless of the simplicity or complexity.


Detailed Fact Finding

Develop and Prioritize Goals

Plan Design to Meet Those Goals

Implement Plan of Action

Review + Update of the Plan



MA License


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RI License


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FL License


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Retirement Planning Annuities
  • Protection from stock market downturns

  • Annual and bi-annual resets to "lock-in" gains and adjust basis for future gains

  • Utilization of "laddering" concept to maximize both returns and access to your funds

  • Maximization of assets to provide income to support your future

  • Protection from nursing home expenses

  • Passing assets to heirs and beneficiaries as efficiently as possible 

Insured Retirement Plans

  • Your plan accumulates cash values on a tax-deferred basis

  • Your heirs and beneficiaries are immediately protected by an income-tax free death benefit should you suffer a premature death

  • Access funds prior to age 59.5 with no IRS penalties

  • Allow funds to continue to accumulate beyond age 72 with no IRS penalties

  • Upon retirement, access accumulated cash through Tax-Free Withdrawals and Policy Loans to supplement other sources of retirement income

PERA Public Employment Assistance

PERA is a nationally recognized entity providing assistance in the following areas:

  • Understanding your current 403/B

  • Providing a pension review

  • Providing guidance in determining retirement income strategies and finding solutions to lessen that gap

  • Eliminate risk and providing secure options

  • Developing comprehensive personalized financial plans focusing on the three major components of any Financial Plan: Protection, Accumulation, and Retirement

You and Your Family

  • Family Protection

  • Disability Income Protection

  • Life Insurance

  • IRAs - Traditional, Roth, & Education

  • Mortgage Death & Disability Protection

You and Your Business

  • Buy/Sell Agreement

  • Stock Redemption

Pension Maximization

  • A system of retirement plan analysis which targets the highest possible monthly income available through your individual pension



Steven P. Hyland, CLU is a lifelong resident of Swansea, MA. He winters in Madeira Beach, FL and is an avid boater and golfer. He entered the business soon after he received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from Southeastern Massachusetts University in 1980 (now UMass Dartmouth), and recently celebrated his 43rd anniversary in the business. 

Since his inception in the business, Mr. Hyland's career as a professional within the financial industry has proven to be a very successful one. He is a Charter Life Underwriter (CLU), a certification awarded to persons who successfully complete a formal program of study and who meet strict ethical and experience requirements. He has won numerous industry and individual awards, including being a qualifying member of the MDRT Top of the Table. This award is presented to the top half of the top 1% of all advisors nationwide. 

Due to the volatility in the stock market, Mr. Hyland uses numerous forms of annuity programs tailored to the individual needs of his clients. This provides fair market rates of return without risking loss of principal. These programs can provide both current or future income. Mr. Hyland will introduce you to many ideas to help you organize your finances to maximize both your accumulation and income, and show you ways to pass along as much wealth as possible to your heirs. 



  • No downside risk

  • Equity index linked crediting methods

  • No transfer fee

  • Access to your money

  • IRA, Roth IRA or non-qualified plans


  • Traditional fixed (guaranteed) rates (bonus interest on some contracts)

  • AIG

  • Allianz

  • American General

  • Americo Financial Life

  • Athene

  • Equitable

  • EquiTrust

  • F&G Life

  • Fidelity Investments - through MNL

  • Foresters

  • ING

  • Investors Heritage

  • Midland National Life

  • Mutual of Omaha

  • Nacohlah

  • National Life Group

  • Occidental Life

  • Oceanview Life and Annuity

  • Ohio National Life

  • Pacific Life

  • Penn Mutual

  • Reliastar

  • Silac

  • Transamerica

  • Voya





For any inquiries or questions, call (508) 642-1758 or email

Swansea, MA

Fax: (508) 672-2702

Madeira Beach, FL

Fax: (727) 220-1017

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